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Student job in Dusseldorf


Your student job as a hostess is waiting for you!

Are you a student in Dusseldorf looking for a special part-time job? Then a job as a host or hostess might be just the thing for you. As a student, you have the advantage that you often live in a city where many trade fairs and events take place every year. Event staff are always in demand, which gives you the opportunity to get an interesting and flexible job.
Apply now as a hostess, moderator or grid girl at our hostess agency for Dusseldorf and experience a varied job!

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Why should you become a hostess for Dusseldorf?

Dusseldorf is a city where many well-known trade fairs and events take place. As a hostess for Dusseldorf, you have the opportunity to take part in unique events and meet new people all the time.
You can choose your own jobs and work flexibly. You also gain valuable experience in dealing with people and improve your language skills.

What does our hostess agency for Dusseldorf offer you?

We are available to you at all times with our advice and will only place job enquiries that are ideally tailored to you. We are also there for you during your assignments at trade fairs and events in Düsseldorf and are happy to answer your questions.

What are the requirements for the student job as a hostess for Dusseldorf?

If you would like to apply as a hostess for Dusseldorf, you should meet the following requirements:

Open nature and strong communication skills:

You should be open and communicative when dealing with many strangers and have a healthy self-confidence.

Neat appearance:

As a hostess for Dusseldorf, you are the figurehead of the company and should therefore ensure a well-groomed appearance.


You should know how to behave and communicate with guests and important personalities.

Resilience and endurance:

As a hostess in Dusseldorf, you will often be on duty for a longer period of time and must always appear friendly and professional. A high level of resilience and stamina are therefore important in order to act confidently even in stressful situations./p>


Depending on the type of event and the customer's wishes, your working hours may change at short notice. A certain flexibility and adaptability are therefore advantageous in order to be able to successfully carry out your job as a hostess for Dusseldorf.

Foreign language skills:

Due to the international orientation of trade fairs and events in Dusseldorf, foreign language skills are a great advantage. In addition to good English skills, knowledge of other languages such as French, Spanish or Chinese is also very much in demand. This will not only enable you to provide professional support to international guests, but also increase your career opportunities as a hostess for Dusseldorf.

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